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    Bespoke Web Services
    Providing Business
    applications for the entire value chain.
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    Spec World
    Best in Class Business application development.
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    Buisness Process Management
    Seamless Workflows for critical business decisions.
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    Ingenuity displayed.
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    World Class ERP
    Sales & Support

About Us

Established in 2007. Focusing on software technology, Spec provides industry solutions and product engineering solutions, and services, through seamless integration of software and services, deployment, onsite & offsite supports, as well as technology and industrial management capacity.


We speak several languages. Get on board with our developers.

App Development

We pride in bringing cutting-edge solutions for every business


Our research and marketing team is highly dedicated to serve you.

Key Capabilities

Strong Global Network

We have strong world class business collaboration with industry leaders in app development.

Business Precision

We customize our software to suite/adapt with our client requirement. Providing you with just what you need .

Local Support Service

Our team is available to provide any technical support to keep your business running smoothly.

Resilient Team Of Developers

Our team is highly dedicated, target driven and result oriented. Anything is possible

Drive for Best-in-Class

In pursuit of best-in-class, we Continously assess our performance to ensure no weak links.

Fast Response & Issue Resolution

We offer a rapid response to all our clients, resolving any technical issues & keeping the business sailing..